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Sheet music for beginners: how to read music - how to play the saxophone

Learn how to read music: free training for sheet music and Saxophone fingering

If you are a beginner, here is an easy way to begin training yourself on music reading and begin improving your playing skills. Below you will find a particular music note and the fingering used to play that note on the saxophone. Use the picture below and learn to identify the notes and fingerings for each note.
If you have trouble identifying the notes you can put your mouse cursor over the section with the sheet music and it will display the letter of the note shown on the sheet music. Or look at the bottom of the page.
Note: C Learn the saxFingering Saxophon

Piano Notes

What note is it?

Some people may find it easier to memorize and identify the fingerings first and use them to identify the notes on the sheet music, and some people may find it easier to first memorize the way the note looks on the sheet music and use that to learn to remember the fingering patterns. Whichever way works best for you is what you should start with, but it is important to be able to quickly identify both the notes on the staff and their fingerings on the sax.

Learning the positions of the notes on the piano is also beneficial. Eventually everything will grow together as an unit.

The picture above is a good exercise to memorize the staff, fingerings and piano keys all at once. Click on the correct button that goes with the note displayed on the staff and the fingering pattern for the sax.

Don't worry, if you get a wrong answer you can always try again.

Displayed note is C